21 Ways To Keep Readers Glued To Your Sales Letter

Boredom is probably the greatest threat to any sales letter. It is often said that a letter can never be too long, just too boring. So in this article I want to look at 21 ways you can cut boredom from your sales letters.

  1. Begin your letter with a question which will engage the mind of your reader right away. Make the question pertinent to the benefit you are selling. You may also use questions as topic sentences and subheads while providing the answers in the following lines.
  2. Start your letter with the strongest benefit provided by your product or service.
  3. Use a headline with some news value as people are always interested in what’s new.
  4. Be as specific and concrete as possible, avoiding general statements.
  5. Avoid writing anything that is not a selling point or advantage you are providing to your customers. Everything else is just fluff.
  6. Start with facts that your reader can generally agree with before moving to facts that will be new to them. So go from the known to the unknown.
  7. Use a lot of emotional appeals by using emotive words and tell touching stories.
  8. Make your reading as entertaining as possible (not necessarily humorous). Remember people pay to be entertained.
  9. Be sure to place your personality in the letter. People are most interested in people, not things per se.
  10. Be careful of making unsubstantiated claims that have no proof. You will lose credibility with the reader if you do this.
  11. Use a sales message with a general appeal as possible to your market. Don’t get distracted by minor points and ideas.
  12. Use short simple sentences. You can often break up long sentences by using a period instead of a comma. Make all these sentences carry their weight in meaning or prune them.
  13. Use subheads with the same interest as your headlines to help break up the copy but keeping the letter dynamic.
  14. Appeal to people from the angle of human interest and keep it natural.
  15. Use active verbs instead of passive ones. “He reads the sales letter” instead of “The sales letter was read by him”
  16. Use a conversational style of writing. Write as you would talk to a friend who was sitting right across from you.
  17. Avoid using too many adjectives, adverbs, pronouns and dependent clauses. These all weaken the ‘punch’ of your writing.
  18. Link one point of interest smoothly to the next; use logical and clear transition phrases.
  19. Use simple but clear vocabulary. Let the simplicity of your vocabulary be prominently imminent.
  20. Use vivid imagery that builds pictures in your reader’s mind.
  21. Be unpredictable. The predictable and mundane get passed by for the wacky and different.

Now you have a checklist to place next to your desk as you review your sales letters to make them more engaging for your readers. An engaged reader is more likely to make the decision you are after, which means a more successful sales letter.

I hope you found this article engaging.

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  1. Some great food for thought. I’m personally enamored by unpredictability, but occasionally see that “surprise” copy backfiring in the wrong hands.

    Great list.

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