The Most Ripped-Off Article In Internet Marketing History

RE: My stolen article on tons of websites: “7 Secrets To Building Your Online Credibility”

That title may seem a little over-the top but there’s no better way of describing it as far as I am concerned.  This travesty of justice all came to my attention when I submitted an article I had written about 7 years ago to article directory.

They ran their normal test and found out that my article was already posted at another website and attributed to different author.  This was quite surprising to me because I never sold that article and I had posted it online 7 years ago, although I couldn’t remember with which directory.

Google Search Turns Up Tons Of Stealers.

Google Search Turns Up Tons Of 'Stealers'.

But this wasn’t a case of article scraping from some SPAM blog or ‘forgetting to include the author resource box’ but this was a blatant mis-claiming authorship for the article that I wrote!

Now I’ve written some of the most popular ebooks for some millionnaire marketers when I did ghostwriting.  So I’m accustomed to having others take the glory for my work.  But at least I got apid for it.  This time I was in the situation where I wasn’t even being honered with a backlink to my site and for at least getting a sale from the work that I had put so much effort in.

Back in those days when I wrote these article there were no $1 article writers that keep spilling verbage garbage on the internet.  When you wrote an article it had to make some sense.  Now people are writing for Google bots rather than for people to read.

I write for people to read.  And it takes some effort to do this.  That’s why I don’t charge anything less than $150 per article for those who are luckly enough to get me to write for them.  I mean why would I waste my time otherwise to write articles when the same effort can bring me in 20 times as much writing sale letters.

Anyway, back to the point of my stolen article.  So I was left in a bind about contacting all of these webmasters to let them know that they were plaigarising my writing.  But most people thought that the effort wouldn’t be worth it.  And to some degree I agree.

On the other hand, I always believe that evil people prosper because the good are afraid to do anything.  And if we as writers just put our hands up in surrender to these thugs, then what will become of good writers who live by their words. (Pun intended.)

So part of my campaign is this blog post that would hopefully get a ‘vote’ by you the reader and get more attention of those who decide that because your writing is posted on a domain that is in the public that it’s ‘public domain’.

I hope that all those webmasters who have hijacked my article will repent and either give proper authorship notice or remove my article from their websites.

It was brought to my attention that one marketer was selling my article as part of a PLR package. With a tool like CopyScape, I don’t know how PLR package sellers could fall into this trap.  I mean, if EzineArticle could have found my article on another site I’m sure that the PLR package sellers could do the same.

I don’t write a ton of stuff because when I do write I like to write quality.  And usually if I don’t have anything to say I keep my mouth shut. So when I do speak I don’t want people to confuse my voice with another’s.

I want my article back!

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  1. I know it’s maddening to see, but on the bright side, your article is legendary. And if you look up copyright laws, you are entitled to compensation from every one of those sites. I think smashingmagazine website has a ton of web copyright info.

    You are pretty amazing though, and it’s a damn good article!

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