How to Write A Sales Letter To Sell Your Software

There’s a way to sell houses, cars, food, furniture, professional services and clothing.  Even though there are similarities in selling all of these stuff, there are also important differences that a copywriter must recognize.

It’s often said that a house will sell itself.  This may sound like an insult to all the hard-working real estate agents, but the point is that a house hunter either likes the house and location or he doesn’t.  There may not be much a real estate agent can do but to show the house and then step out of the way to let the prospect fall in love with the property.

Maybe the same can be said of a car.  You test drive a car and fall in love with the feel, handling and looks—including the looks you think you’ll get from others while driving it.

Selling professional services on the other hand takes a lot of persuasion and convincing the prospect that you are capable of doing what you claim you can do.

I’ve seen so many sales letters online that try to sell everything with the same structure and outline.  This is a mistake.  What must be included and addressed in selling an ebook is different when selling software.

Like selling a house you may say that software will sell itself.  If you give away a trial version of the software with a simple manual or explanation about what it can do, then the prospect will convince himself that this tool is for him.

Second in effectiveness to giving away trial version is to demonstrate what the software does right in the sales letter.  Not only will the demonstration show what the software is capable of but it will also show how easy or difficult it is to use.

Now when writing a sales letter to sell a piece of software, as the copywriter, I want to answer the three BIG QUESTIONS:

1. What can this tool help you to accomplish easier than you’re presently doing it?
2.  How easy is it to use?
3.  How can you get it?

So there is a special way to sell software. You have to first tell what PROBLEM the software solves and the frustration prospects are currently having with these problems so you get the reader’s sympathy and attention.

Then you must introduce and DEMONSTRATE how to use the software emphasizing all its FEATURES attached to the BENEFITS and how EASY it is to use.  Your beta testers should have had questions (FAQ) which are really OBJECTIONS so you must answer those objections in your copy.

You then show the results that users are getting from using the software and invite the prospect to join the party.
Also if this software is not the first  of its kind on the market, then it’s best to COMPARE the software to the leading competitor.  If it’s new then you will not have to educate the prospect on what it does.  Comparing provides an easy shortcut to educating the prospect since he would already be familiar with your competitor’s product.

In summary, you generally don’t need a lot of persuasion to sell software if you can let the software do the selling.  And people are better at convincing themselves that they need your software than you will ever be.  They start using the software and get addicted and just must have it—hopefully.

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  1. This reminds me of a scene on Facebook (the movie). In it an undergrad said that the site was so addictive and that she found herself checking it at least five times a day – and this was within two weeks that it was released on campus.

  2. Hi Ray
    Thanks a lot for this post… we are going to launch some intetrnet marketing tools soon and your tips will help a lot…

    will share the sales page before launching it. Would be glad if you could shed some light on it. (if you want to that is)

    Thanks once again

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