Killer copy but poor Sales?

Every now and again I’ll get someone who is puzzled that his copy is so great and everything seem to be in place–great benefits, testimonials, great headline and subhead, powerful close … but few or no sales!

What could be wrong? Most of the time it boils down to poor positioning. Now “”positioning” need a little explanation because the word is used in different ways in the world of sales. And an example will go a far way in explaining what I mean by ‘positioning’.

Positioning is the angle you take in your copy on how you present your product. Lets say you are selling a shower head. You can sell this as another piece of hard ware for your bath room, as a health product (massage) or even a romantic product. The “position” or angle you use will determine how well this sells.

Now if you choose to take the traditional route and advertise as another piece of plumbing hardware then there is no “story” behind your product and it wouldn’t stand out from the crowd of other shower heads.

A better route to take will be the health route where your shower head now becomes a water massager which melts away stress at the end of the day and ensures a good night’s rest. Now how much would a prospect pay for that type of benefit.

But a third way is to present it as a romantic product that could spark new life into a marriage. Now you can paint a picture of the couple showering together and the fun they would have together and the joy it could add to a boring marriage routine. Now because of this added feature you may be able to sell at a higher price.

So great copy is a good start but if the selling angle of your product is wrong then no type of ‘killer copy’ can rescue your business from poor sales.

One of the first things that I brainstorm before writing a sales letter is the angle of attack. I know that if I get this wrong everything else will be wrong. It’s like the plot for the story. Even if you have the imagination of Stephen King your story will flop if the plot is boring.

So before you give up on a piece of copy see if you can resurrect the piece by ‘positioning’ your product in a different way.

As a copywriter, you’ll find that if you position yourself as just a writer then clients will not want to cough up your fees. However, you position yourself as a marketing CONSULTANT then the picture suddenly changes. In fact, the very name that you use will determine what you can charge and what you cannot.

That is why some copywriters use creative titles just to get their services ‘positioned’ in the prospect mind as more of a ‘consultant’ than someone who just write ads. There is a big difference.

So if you have a case of great copy but poor sales try injecting new life into that dead copy by shining new light on an old subject.

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