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Don't bother reading this if you already make over $11,000 per WEEK in your own home business. However, if you could use some extra solid cash then here's...

"How To Make Up To $11,860 And More Per Week From The Comfort Of Your Own Home 'Working' Less Than 3 Hours Per Day!"


From: Michael S.L. Bombard
Ontario, Canada
Tuesday, 1:14 p.m.

Dear Friend,

Can an extra $1,055 per week make a big difference in your life? What about an extra $11,860 per week?

If this kind of extra cash can get you grinning with excitement then listen up. Here's why: I'm about to show you a system that I'm using to build wealth right now… Yes, while you're reading this letter.

First, let me tell you what this system is NOT about. This is NOT about:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling information products online such as ebooks
  • Pay-per-Click advertising

  • Strategies to get traffic to your website
  • Telemarketing
  • Foolish scams such as envelope stuffing

  • MLM or Network Marketing
  • A home study business course
  • Selling of any product or service

  • Starting an eBay business
  • Gambling or other game sites
  • Building email list or any type of bulk email marketing

  • Building websites and using Google AdSense
  • Search Engine Optimization of websites
  • Anything unethical or illegal

  • Membership websites
  • Writing of any kind or marketing public domain information
  • Real Estate Investing

  • Taking surveys for money
  • Drop shipping
  • Joint Ventures

I'm sure that most of those methods are great for making extra income. But I think that what I'm about to share with you is a quicker and easier route to personal wealth than any of the above.


No Website Necessary!

In fact, with this system you only need an internet connection. You DON'T even need a website, an email list, a newsletter, an advertising budget (there's zero advertising necessary) or an online merchant account such as Paypal or ClickBank. And absolutely no hassles with customers.


Secondly, it doesn't matter how many other programs you've tried before. Maybe one. Maybe one hundred and one. This is DIFFERENT to anything you've likely seen anywhere.

By now you must be wondering why I'm so sure.

Well, my name is Michael Bombard. And I'm a 24-yr old ex-construction worker from Alberta, Canada. I also worked a few other jobs that I really hated. (Know what I mean by 'hated'?) I was also once flat broke. How? From trying about every opportunity online hoping to make some decent money.

But for the past three years I've been making a fulltime income online. (At last!) I was even able to buy my dream sports car, the Toyota Supra Turbo. I don't have to worry whether the economy is up or down, the price of gas or answering to a boss anymore. I could easily retire in the next few years. Not bad for a 24-year old!


Not bad for just 'working' for
a few hours per week...

Forget about the 40 hour work weeks. That's not for me anymore. The rest of my time I spend tinkering with cars, watching movies on my big screen home theater and reading. With the little work I do it almost feels illegal. But it's perfectly above board.

Now tell me if you've seen this before. There's some business 'expert' trying to sell you a system that contains all his secrets. Right away you can see through this 'deal'. If you knew all these secrets you'll now become his competitor. How many business owners will want to create direct competition for themselves?

So right away you notice that something smells fishy. You know that you're NOT getting everything. Only what he wants you to know.

It took me some time before I stopped falling for these types of gimmicks.
Well, with this system that you're about to see, you can quicker dry up the Niagara Falls using a spoon than create competition for me. In other words, your success doesn't reduce my chances in any way. (You'll soon see what I mean.) That's why I don't need to hide any 'secret' from you. I'll hold nothing back because there's enough cash flowing over this 'money fall'.

Actually when I first started using this system I was so blown away by the results. I initially had no intentions to promote this. I didn't need to. But when I consider the staggering statistics that over 92% of people online trying to make money lose money instead … well … I just had to share this with you. Because I was in that 92% once. I know the frustrations. The hollow feelings in your stomach as you watch your money flushing down the internet toilet.

There's also a second reason why I'm sharing this with you. This reason will become clearer a little later. I promise that this info will get you very excited.
Listen: As much as this system has afforded me the lifestyle that many people only dream about, I need to warn you that this is NOT for everyone. Really. Let me explain.

I've seen many so-called 'opportunity seekers' who jump from program to program, hoping to find their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I must confess that I used to be like that as well. Skipping from opportunity to opportunity in hope of bumping into some accidental cash. The problem here is that you never stay long enough for any program to work.

There's nothing wrong in researching and comparing. Maybe that's what you're doing right now. No problem. The point is, if you're not committed to your own success nothing will work for you included this no-brainer system.


The only question is
"Do you think you have what it takes?"

In fact, here's how I'll describe the 'perfect prospect' for this cash-generating system. You'll be a match for this system if:

  • You have burning desire to be financially independent instead of just living paycheck to paycheck

  • You realize that any viable business require a certain amount of monetary investment to get started

  • You can follow simple step-by-step instructions. In other words, you're teachable. (No rocket science required here.)

  • You don't feel guilty about making a lot of money quickly without doing a lot of hard work.

  • You have a positive and healthy attitude towards wealth and can handle the pressure of 'living your dreams' (Some people prefer the simple life.)

  • You're totally fedup with working for a boss who doesn't understand your real worth and want to work for yourself and set your own hours

  • You have an internet connection and / or access to a telephone. (If you're reading this letter then you qualify.)

  • You know how to follow through on a great opportunity when you see one by working a tested and proven plan.

If you're still with me then I think that you qualify. My only concern is that you'll feel guilty about the amount of money you'll be making with so little effort.

Coming from a construction background, I know the long, hard hours I had to put in just to earn in one week what I now make in just one hour. I feel a little guilty sometimes. But it's good guilt!

Now just as a teaser and to show you that I'm doing as well as I say, here's a screenshot of one of my bank accounts.


If I showed you the full amount you'll find it hard to believe. This came with no special skills (it has nothing to do with construction) and just after a few days of special instruction.


Of course you can do
much better than I did ...

There is really NO LIMIT to the amount of money you can make. It's all up to you. And how much you want to work the system. You'll soon see what I mean.

Imagine never having to worry about money anymore. No creditors calling. No wondering about your credit scores. Credit card companies will be begging you to carry their cards.

Imagine taking that vacation in Tahiti and not worrying about how you'll pay for it. That dream car and dream home just became a reality. You choose where you want to live and the car you want to drive.

With all the worries about the future of social security, you can have as big a nest egg as you choose. You can literally retire within a few years using this system. At least I plan to.

And this income builds almost automatically while you're in your pajamas. Yes, you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home. (Not a bad idea with the kind of winters we have in Alberta!)

Impossible you think? Not if you knew this incredible and simple system that I'm about to share with you. And I'm a living example that it works. And you don't need an MBA.

I could go on an on about how this system has transformed my life. Heck, I make more money at age 24 than a lot of professional people I know make at 54. And I don't say that to toot my own horn, but that's the reality. There's no other way to say it.

Listen, I don't know how you found this website. Maybe it was by pure dumb luck. Maybe a friend told you. But this could be the most important piece of information you stumble unto this year!

Now so far you realize that I've told you about the system. I've told you what you need to 'qualify' for using the system. I've showed you proof of income generated from this system for me personally. And I've even pictured for you the drastic change in lifestyle this new income source can mean to you.


The only thing that I haven't done is tell
you what the system IS or how it works ...

Why? Well, there are two reasons:

1. First, I had to be sure that you were really SERIOUS about making 'serious' money. This letter served to prepare you for that. If you've read this far then 'Congratulations!' You've passed the first test. I just don't want to share this information with every prying eye.

2. If I were to give you every detail in this one letter then you may miss some very important information. I need you to read every word at your convenience and digest each idea. That's why I decided to prepare a special report so you can make a calm and intelligent decision. No pressure from me at all.

So I want to send you a special FREE Report right away that you can print out, read, study and underline for yourself. In other words, make up your own mind.

This report will answer all the questions that you now have in your mind--well, maybe not all, but most. Questions such as:

  • How the system works?

  • How soon can I get started?

  • What is the cost to get started?

  • How much money can I really make?

  • Is it as easy as you say it is?

  • What can I do if I still need more information?

Now keep in mind that I could've detailed the system for you in this letter but I needed somehow to sift out the 'tire-kickers' and reserve this for serious inquirers only. I'll be working with you personally and only have time for serious people. Sorry.

So if you have the slightest inkling that this system might be what you've been looking for then fill the form below to request your FREE, no obligation report. (Your information will only be used to send you the report, period!)

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After you've read through the report at your own leisure then I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. You may even call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX and leave a message so we can talk at your convenience.

Keep in mind that I'm already making money from this incredible and powerful system. Whether you choose to send for the FREE Report or not will have no effect on my bank account. Frankly, I'll continue to make money, drive expensive cars and eat out at fine restaurants.

I just thought that since I was doing so well (and I know what it's like to struggle to make the next month's rent) then I'll give back something by sharing this financially liberating information with a select few.

Make this the turning point in your life. You've waited long enough. Send for the FREE Report right now while you're still thinking about it.


[Scanned blue signature]

Michael Bombard

P.S. If a 24-yr old ex-construction worker can make a fulltime income from the Internet just "working" a few hours per week then you can do it too. All you need is the correct information. This simple system is the key to the financial breakthrough that you've waiting for. Send for the FREE Report now!

P.P.S. I've been making money from home with just an Internet connection for over 3 years now. This is by far the quickest and easiest system with such high profit potential the ordinary person can get their hands on. You owe it to yourself to find out about this simple system right now.

2004 Michael S.L. Bombard
1361 Hermitage Road Edmonton, Alberta Canada T5A 4R9 mailto:michael[remove]